Raszebra No. 1

7 Sep

Raszebra, Flipside No. 44


Suburban Wives Club No 1

3 Sep

Suburban Wives Club 7″ single advert, Music for Moderns, from Trouser Press No. 86, June 1983

Lisafer No. 9

25 Aug

Lisafer/Lisa Pifer of Screech of Death, 45 Grave, DI, Fag Hag, Snap-Her, and more, Houston, Aug. 2017, by David Ensminger

Midnite-Snaxxx No. 1

7 Aug

Midnite-Snaxx (with Dulcinea Gonzales and Camylle Reynolds), Razorcake, No. 99

Decadent Few No. 1

4 Aug

Decadent Few (with Kay Decadent), from Maximum Rock N Roll, Feb. 1989

Punk Women by site editor out now!

30 Jul

Punk Women is OUT! A labor of love featuring key bands from first wave punk, garage and gunk units, post-hardcore, proto-industrial, artwave, contemporary melodicore, and more ! 12.00 postage paid in the states: Paypal, Money Order, etc. Wholesale prices for outlets, distros too. An incredible array of acts! Email: leftofthedialmag@hotmail.com.

Fleas and Lice No. 1

29 Jul

Fleas and Lice (with Esther), Profane Existence No. 26, Fall 1995 (photo from 1993)