HorrorPops No 1. Interview from Left of the Dial!

5 Jan

Short Cuts with PATRICIA from the Horrorpops: By Balazs Sarkadi

The HorrorPops started out as a side project, but it developed into a successful band. How can Kim do it together with the Nekromantix, who have also just released an album? Isn’t it hard to choose the priorities now?

 The HorrorPops was never a sideproject. We’ve been playing as a band since ’96 with no problems. That HorrorPops has a album out now does not make the difference.We are all very good friends–Nekro and HorrorPops. We’ve been playing, drinking, and even living together through out the last 15 years. If a tour is important for HorrorPops, Nekromantix will give us the time to do it and the other way around.

I’ve read Kim and Patricia recently relocated to L.A. Will the rest of the band also move there? Would it be possible at all, considering you had to cancel a US tour recently for not getting visas?

Yeah, they will move over this summer. The reason why we had to cancel the last tour was that we didn’t get the work visas in time…We have them now.

You have been compared to female singers like Siouxsie Sioux, Gwen Stefani, Brody Dalle, Debbie Harry, and Ronnie Spector. Which of these comparisons does she like and which ones does she dislike?

I really don’t care about being compared to other singers. If I can make half the money Debbie Harry did, I’ll be happy, hahahahaha. The thing about HorrorPops is that we like to mix music of all genres into our band. That’s actually the reason we started as a band.. We were all very tired of all the little freaks in uniforms dictating what subcultural music is all about. So, when people say we sound like this or that band, it’s fine by us. But I think it’s weird that Ialways get compared to female singers. I would like to hear somebody say I sounded like Mick Jagger.

A recent psychobilly feature in Vogue magazine described the HorrorPops as the fashion dictators of the psychobilly scene. How did you feel about this article?

 I didn’t read that part! I really don’t care, I just see the humor in it! First of all, we are not a Psycho band and, second, we have all looked like this for the last 10-15 years. We’ve been spat at, beaten up, called lots of things, andnow all of a sudden we are in Vogue as a fashion thing. That’s just funny.

Kim’s original instrument is the double-bass, while Patricia was a guitarist in Peanut Pump Gun. Why did you decide to change instruments? Wasn’t it hard to learn to play your new instruments?

 We started the band because we wanted to do something new from what we have done in the other bands we played in. Changing instruments was a easy way to get a new aproach to writing music. I don’t think learning to play the bass

was difficult but learning to carry it around is still a work in process.

The HorrorPops, Nekromantix, and the now defunct Godless Wicked Creeps are all coming from Denmark. Does it mean that you have a strong psychobilly scene over there?

 Nekro and Godless are the only two Psycho bands that comes from Denmark and they are actually the only Psychos there are in Denmark. There is no rock’n’rollscene at all in Denmark. We have two clubs to play in all of Denmark. That two

good Psycko bands has come out of Denmark is just a freak of nature.

I’ve read that Kim is writing a book called the Psychobilly Bible. What will it be like, and when will it be published?

 The Bible will take a very long time to collect, but it’s gonna be good when it’s done.

Whose idea was to include rotten go-go dancers? Isn’t it hard to concentrate on the band while they’re teasing the audience?

 We never decided to include “go go” dancers. We are the six people we are in the band, cuz we like hanging out together and besides that I think it’s more difficult concentrating on the band when you look at Nekroman’s butt shaking all over the place than it is disturbing to watch the rotten go go dancers. But, it’s gotta be said that they are not really dancers, for they are a part of the band and are there to keep us from ever taking ourselves too seriously.

How much time do you need to spend on setting your hairdos? Isn’t it too much of a hassle when you’re touring and you’re exhausted enough anyway?

 It’s gonna be a hell of a lot easier when we get a sponsorship on hairspray! It’s almost impossible to find good hairspray when you are on the road, but it’s pretty funny to see us go crazy in the local supermarkets, testing what hairsprays will work.


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