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Pearl Harbor No. 4

2 Jan

Dirk Fest with Pearl Harbor and the Explosions at Slim’s, San Francisco, CA, 2007

Nashville Pussy No. 3

24 Dec

Nashville Pussy in Villeurbanne, France, 2001

Red Aunts No. 8

23 Dec

The Red Aunts at Le Tambour in Valence, France

The Urge No. 3, the Avengers No. 12

19 Dec

Benefit for Free Geronimo Pratt and Smash COINTELPRO with the Avengers (Penelope Houston) and the Urge (Jean Caffeine, etc), at the Temple, San Francisco, CA

Snap-Her No. 5

28 Nov

Snap-Her advert, from Sniffin’ Glucose No. 1

Vomit Launch No. 2

23 Nov

Vomit Launch (with Patricia de Rowland and Lindsey Thrasher), promo flyer, late 1980s, provided by Scott Steele

Make-Up No. 7, The Warmers No. 1

24 Mar

The Make-Up (with Michelle Mae) and The Warmers (with Amy Farina) at Euclid Tavern, Cleveland, by Derek Hess, 1995