Punk Women 2 Now Out!

1 Nov


Punk Women 2 party at Vinal Edge in Houston, TX, Nov. 3rd, FREE, with Mish Bondage (Sado-Nation), $50.00 Goat (with Mel Hell), The Kimonos (with Gina Rodriguez Miller), and Lizzie Boredom, 7-9 PM! Books are 12.00 postpaid anywhere in the U.S., global for more. Email site editor David Ensminger for further info: leftofthedialmag@hotmail.com


GASH No. 1

30 Oct

GASH, from Maximum Rocknroll No. 34, March 1986

APPLE No. 5, Nausea No. 12

26 Oct

Benefit for the Great Peace March with APPLE (with Jae Apple) and Nausea (Amy Miret) at CBGB, NYC, NY, from North East Punk Flyers, FMS Publishing 2003

Bulimia Banquet No. 9

23 Oct

Bulimia Banquet, Maximum RocknRoll, No. 56, 1988

No Control No. 1

19 Oct

No Control (with Carol and Kitty), from Maximum Rocknroll No. 7, July-Aug. 1983

Patti Smith No. 6

15 Oct

Patti Smith, Musician, June 1995, by David Gahr

The Muffs No. 4

12 Oct

The Muffs (with Kim Shattuck), Musician, June 1995, by Alberto Tolot